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Audiobook Cover Designs by Kent Rasmussen: rkentrasmussen@verizon.net




My Marilyn Wall, including jacket covers of my Rebecca West and Jill Craigie biographies
The new cover for my revised and updated Marilyn Monroe biography appearing spring 2014
The covered bridge on the way to Kent, CT, where I did a book signing for Amy Lowell Anew
Keats House, where I gave a talk about Amy Lowell on November 20, 2014.
Entrance to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences where I've done research on Marilyn Monroe, Dana Andrews, and Walter Brennan
Susan Andrews reading the Wall Street Journal review of Hollywood Enigma
Susan Andrews next to the billboard for Laura, Huntsville, TX 9/12
Buffalo Bill, taken at the Western Heritage and Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City, where I worked in the Walter Brennan Papers
Joe's, where Sylvia Plath went for pizza in Northampton when she was at Smith College