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New titles from others and blogging about my own books

Hollywood's Golden Age

From Laura (Gene Tierney getting the third degree)
Welcome to the Hollywood Legends Blog. I am the consulting editor for the Hollywood Legends Series, published by the University Press of Mississippi. I will be writing on the subjects of my biographies (Dana Andrews and Marilyn Monroe) but also about anyone who might qualify as a "legend," and that includes directors, producers, and others. I want to hear from you about the biographies you have read and what you think of them. I also want to know if you are looking for a good biography of a particular subject, or if you want to write such a biography.

I'll start by mentioning one of my favorite biographies: Carol Easton's IN SEARCH OF SAM GOLDWYN. As well as writing well about this legendary mogul, Easton tells the story of her own upbringing in Hollywood and of fascinating interviews with Dana Andrews and Walter Brennan, for example. In many ways, I find Easton's book much more satisfying than Scott Berg's authorized Goldwyn opus. Let me know if you've read Easton's book, or if you have other candidates for best biography of a Hollywood legend.
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